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New, improved additive is 75% more effective than standard UVA for PET—with greater clarity

CrystalClear™ PET UV additive masterbatch from Ampacet permits bottle molders and sheet processers to offer brilliantly clear, non-yellowed packages with superior UV protection that preserves product integrity, color, flavor and nutritional value.

Unlike standard PET UV technology, which imparts an unsightly yellowish tint to the package, Ampacet’s new CrystalClear™ UV additive achieves a clean, clear, non-yellow package with protection up to 380nm that reinforces consumer appeal and underscores brand values.

Extra value CrystalClear™ UVA PET has been compounded for performance, clarity and cost efficiency. Optimum UVA performance, reported to be 75% more effective than current UVA products for PET, is achieved at lower cost since less than half the amount of UV additive is required. For a standard bottle application, a LDR of 0.5% to 1% is recommended (dependent on actual bottle thickness). A comparison study demonstrates that CrystalClear™ additive reduces the cost per pound by as much as 40% when compared to standard PET UV absorbers.

Easier-to-process CrystalClear™ UVA PET absorber is less volatile and more soluble than standard additives, and it won’t contribute to plate-out issues during molding.

CrystalClear™ UVA PET absorber is FDA-approved.

To download a PDF of the CrystalClear press release please click here.