UV absorber with additive eliminates the characteristic yellow tint and reduces the cost of UV protection by up to 40%

Ampacet CrystalClear™ additive 603192-PT improves upon standard PET UV technology by delivering greater package clarity, lower cost, and all of the UV protection benefits that preserve product integrity, color, flavor and nutritional value.

Crystal clear uva 400wUnlike standard PET UV absorbers that cast an unsightly yellow haze; Ampacet’s CrystalClear PET UV additive offers improved clarity.

The CrystalClear PET UV absorber additive has been compounded for performance and cost efficiency.  A considerably smaller percentage of CrystalClear provides the same level of UV absorption at lower cost, since less than half the amount of the additive is required.  In comparison to standard PET UV absorbers, the cost to add CrystalClear additive to a PET package can be reduced by as much as 40%.

For more information, please contact Mr. Doug Brownfield, Ampacet Sales Corporation, 660 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY 10591 Tel: (914) 631-6600.