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The rich Bold & Beautiful™ color masterbatch formulations from Ampacet are at the forefront in communicating powerful performance and emotional aspects of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical brands.

The product attributes of efficacy, performance, beauty and well-being are relayed through color designed to visually and emotionally connect active females to the product packaging.

“The Bold & Beautiful color line,” explains Linda Carroll, Ampacet’s Color Insight Manager, “complements the packaging for this market to reinforce the consumer’s product performance expectations. Evocative and therapeutic values resonate through the package color— allowing the brand to communicate the functional purpose and emotional well-being that make the biotech/beauty and nutritional brands stand out on the shelf.”

Ampacet Bold & Beautiful masterbatch colorants are offered in Balanced Blue, Red Resilience, Juiced Orange, Mango Motion and Guarana Green.

To download a PDF of the Bold & Beautiful press release please click here.