PET Bottle Brightener Counters the Unattractive “Yellow Effect” Typical in Most Post Consumer Recycled Plastics

Additive permits recycled PCR and RPET plastics to present a more consumer-pleasing color balance

Ampacet BlueEdge™ Formula X PET additive permits consumer goods packaging companies to increase the percentage of recycled PET (RPET) without affecting the overall clarity of the bottle.  BlueEdge balances out the characteristic “yellowish brown effect” typically found when increasing environmentally-friendly post consumer recycle (PCR) content loading.

Blue Edge permits companies to offer more appealing, consumer-pleasing products that contain increased post consumer recycle content to simultaneously drive consumer preference and improve environmental ranking.

Beverage, condiments, food products and HBA consumer product packaging companies who want clear PET packages to keep pace with the environmental movement can use the BlueEdge recycled PET additive with increased post consumer recycle content.

BlueEdge additive counters the yellowish-brown “dirty” effect of RPET by visually correcting the package color to achieve a “clear” look.

BlueEdge is not a pigment, and will not affect the recycle stream.

BlueEdge can also be used at higher loadings to create an attractive blue hue that is similar to the effect seen in plate glass, around the edges of the container.

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