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2018-19 Color Insight

Ampacet, a premier global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions, today announced the release of its AmpaVision Insight & Innovation 2018/19, a collection which reflects four areas of influence for emerging and future technologies and color palettes. This forecast of global macro and micro trends influencing consumer preferences has been distilled and curated for brand owners, designers and manufacturers to inspire design decisions for innovative product and brand strategies.

“Ampacet has assembled a global team of insight and technology luminaries who have more than 150 years of collective industry experience. Our forecasts are composed of original content created by a proven model that has been verified by outside international research firms,” said Linda Carroll, Ampacet’s Director of Global Insight & Innovation. “Our team has earned numerous patents and authored many publications that are directly relevant to this research. They are uniquely qualified, not only to provide emerging insight and innovation, but also to forecast directional palettes that inspire and stimulate creative minds to disrupt the path of brands.”

AmpaVision 2018/19 explores the following key insights:

Industry 4.0: The world’s economy is experiencing a fourth industrial revolution, characterized by end-to-end digitalization of all physical assets and processes. Driven by exponential technological advancements, Industry 4.0 will influence every facet of our lives. Colors are a lively palette of fiery reds and energetic yellows contrasted with delicate, earthy colors from nature.

Social Renaissance: Major changes are occurring, resulting in a re-creation of societal norms that are supported by both political and cultural divides. This has rendered a soothing palette of confident and sociable oranges and blues, blended with disruptive reds and engaging luxe metallics.

What a “mesh”: Technology continues on its path of exponential development, creating a ‘frictionless environment’ for consumers. The colors are a cosmic collection of mystical purples, spontaneous oranges, refined and grounded by cloudy silvers.

OS of Me: The marketplace of the future will become democratized and shaped by elevated consumer standards. A seamless series of brand experiences will replace the traditional definition of brand identity. Colors here represent an intelligent selection of rich burgundies, sophisticated and insightful greens and blues complemented by refined metal alloys.

AmpaVision 2018/19 is one of multiple ideation platforms that are an integral part of Ampacet’s value proposition, which employs a diverse portfolio of products and services to inspire growth and innovation for global customers.

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