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Ampacet has introduced a high-efficiency antioxidant masterbatch that protects reprocessed or recycled polyolefins from degradation during processing, allowing blown and cast film processors to use more recycle without detrimental effects on aesthetic or physical properties.  The new masterbatch is particularly beneficial in applications like clear packaging films, where cost-savings initiatives are driving use of more recycle, but gels are not tolerated.  The masterbatch is also effective in repelletizing operations, where it adds value by restoring thermo-oxidative stability, enabling recycled resins to perform more like virgin resin.

Film processors want to improve the sustainability of their products by replacing virgin resin with reprocessed or recycled resin.  Processors are also running their lines faster and at higher temperatures.  This combination of severe processing conditions and materials that are more prone to degradation can result in cross-linking and gels.  Ampacet’s high-efficiency antioxidant masterbatch solves this problem by boosting the thermo-oxidative stability of recycled material.  Because the antioxidant protects against degradation, gel-formation, and yellowing, processors can downgauge and/or use higher recycle content while maintaining film properties.

Ampacet’s high-efficiency antioxidant masterbatch is cost-effective and typically can be used at low let-down ratios of 0.5 to1%.  For example, “In blown film processing of a clarity application, 0.5% of the masterbatch reduced gels and allowed re-use of edge trim and scrap of up to 10% without any detrimental effects on physical or optical properties,” reports Shawn Lucas, development manager at Ampacet.  He adds, “In another case, adding 1% of the masterbatch during repelletizing allowed a cast film processor to increase the addition of repelletized material from less than 5% to greater than 15% in a critical application.”

The masterbatch is approved for food-contact applications.

For a PDF version our new “High-efficiency Antioxidant Masterbatch” press release click here.