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Ampacet Matrix and Formula X™ LiquidMetal Colors are special effect masterbatches that offer “new options” to packaging designers.

Matrix range features a disruptive look indicating an underlying surface tension, providing high-impact shelf appeal for packaging and consumer goods products.

“Issues surrounding data collection and its many concerns surrounding individuals’ rights and privacy are front and center in consumer’s minds. The visual tension you see in the Matrix collection emulates the appearance of that data generated by our actions, and streaming through our lives”, says Linda Carroll, Ampacet Color Insight Manager.

Ideal for blow-molded applications and specialty injection molded products, Matrix is available in highly pearlized colors.

Formula X™ LiquidMetal Colors, a special effects and color line from Ampacet, gives packaging made with blow molded and extruded polyethylene terephthalate (PET) the look of highly reflective metal, for added impact and shelf appeal.

LiquidMetal Colors meets the demand for plastic packaging that replicates polished metal for use with cosmetics, health and beauty aids, specialty foods, beverages and car-care products.

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