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sustainable black masterbatchAmpacet, a global masterbatch leader, introduces its sustainable black masterbatch REC-O-BLACK 216 made from more than 95 percent recycled and recovered material, including recycled polyethylene carrier resin and carbon black pigment recovered from post-consumer recycling of rubber products, such as tires.

The use of Ampacet REC-O-BLACK 216 provides a very good opacity and supports EU requirements in terms of circular economy. In addition, REC-O-BLACK 216 can support company environmental goals by significantly reducing the use of fossil fuel-derived prime raw materials, for enhanced end-product sustainability and a smaller carbon foot print. Per ton of black masterbatch produced, REC-O-BLACK 216 prevents the emission of approximately 1.5 tons of CO2 and eliminates the use of approximately 1.7 tons of crude oil.

Designed for rigid and flexible applications, REC-O-BLACK 216 is suitable for general purpose industrial and consumer goods packaging and flexible infrastructure uses.

Ampacet REC-O-BLACK 216 can be used in combination with Odor Scavenger 1000258-E in order to reduce smell from post-consumer recycled resins increasing its use in end products.

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