Pmm webinar250hA one-hour webinar presented by Ampacet, “Resin Blending and Material Distribution Reimagined,” will show how an automated resin blending and management system can simplify and streamline workflow processes while facilitating “lights out” operations.

Co-hosted by Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing Magazine, the event will be presented on Wednesday, May 12 at noon ET and will examine current issues in centralized blending, new technology needed for current challenges, industry advancements and how automation can pay for itself.

Presenters are Doug Brownfield, Commercial Director, CISystems, Ampacet Corporation, a 35-year plastics industry veteran and Vince Paskie, Business Development Manager, CISystems, Ampacet, who has 30 years’ experience in plastics auxiliary equipment.

Ampacet will showcase LIAD-manufactured BlendSave, an Industry 4.0 integrated and automated blending and distribution system from Ampacet that promises to dramatically improve the performance of today’s processing operations.

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