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Ampacet has introduced an extensive portfolio of R3 Sustainable Solutions masterbatch and additive products for the North American market to help customers meet their sustainability goals and positively impact the environment.

sustainable masterbatch productsPart of the company’s recently launched extensive sustainability initiative, Ampacet R3 Sustainable Solutions products enable customers to use more recycled and recyclable materials in both rigid and flexible applications, help to increase product shelf life and reduce waste, and offer compostability for single-use applications.

Recent product introductions include:

  • REC-NIR-Black: a masterbatch for black plastics that enables scanning by NIR technology for automated sorting at recycling facilities; was named 2019 Product Innovation of the Year at Plastics Recycling Awards Europe.
  • Blue Edge™ and Green Edge™: additives that counteract the yellowish/discoloration found with some post-consumer recycled materials; enables increased use of post-consumer recycled content
  • ReVive™ Multifunctional Compatibilizer: enables recycling of polyolefin and barrier materials for post-industrial and post-consumer applications, reducing the volume of material sent to landfills.

Other products in the Ampacet R3 Sustainable Solutions line include antioxidants to maintain the integrity of post-consumer resin (PCR), desiccants to aid in processing of high-moisture PCR and UV absorbers to increase shelf life and reduce food waste. The Ampacet R3 Sustainable Solutions line also features odor scavengers to neutralize odors associated with PCR and support increased use of recycled content. “These additives enable our customers to provide consumers with recycled plastics that are as close to virgin plastics in appearance, functionality and performance as possible,” says Dave Sekela, Ampacet Strategic Business Manager, Rigid Packaging.

Ampacet also offers expert development assistance for use of post-consumer resin in products requiring color correction, physical property optimization and monolayer/multilayer constructions for a wide range of plastics types, such as HDPE, PP and PET.

“Consumers worldwide are calling for a reduction in single-use plastics. Our product line for Ampacet R3 Sustainable Solutions helps our customers use more recyclable as well as post-consumer and post-industrial resins in finished products for applications that include personal, home and auto care and industrial product packaging,” says Doreen Becker, Ampacet’s Sustainability Director.

For more information on Ampacet R3 Sustainable Solutions for North America, contact an Ampacet representative or email

About Ampacet R3 Sustainable Solutions

R3 refers to the global circular economy mission statement: reduce, reuse and recycle and transitioning from a regional linear take, make and waste model.  This will benefit Ampacet’s current businesses, customers and the planet without compromising the needs of future generations.  Ampacet strives to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem of plastic waste mismanagement, over-use and other types of environmental waste.

For more information, contact Eileen Ferguson, Ampacet Corporation, 660 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY 10591; Tel: 914.631.6600; Email: