Odor scavenger masterbatchAmpacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced Odor Scavenger 1000258-E, a powerful wide spectrum odor-absorbing masterbatch designed for use with recycled polyethylene to neutralize odors of post-consumer recycled material and keep them enclosed inside the polymer.

Specially formulated for injection and blow molding, film and some extruded applications, such as geomembranes, Odor Scavenger 1000258-E minimizes odors, which allows processors to improve their circular economy targets by boosting the content of post-consumer recycled resin. Suggested end product uses include bottles, trash bags and geomembrane liners.

Increasing the use of post-consumer resin reduces the carbon footprint and is a proactive step that anticipates today’s legislation on use of recycled plastics. Ampacet Odor Scavenger 1000258-E does not significantly affect the production process or physical properties of polymers.

For more information, email marketing.europe@ampacet.com.