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Ampacet, an independent provider of specialty formulations and services to the global thermoplastics industry, is pleased to announce the official start-up of a new color production line in Dudelange (Luxembourg). On the 15th of November 2017 Ampacet welcomed Francine Closener, Secretary of the State for the Economy along with other officials including Patrick Nickels, Conseiller de gouvernement 1ère classe; Daniel Biancalana, Mayor of Dudelange; Laurent Zeimet, Mayor of Bettembourg; Marc Kieffer, Secretary General Fedil and Henri Wagener, Advisor Fedil in our European Headquarters in Dudelange.

In 2013, Ampacet invested in a new facility in Dudelange that includes a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory, a design and ideation center and one of the company’s largest white masterbatch lines.

Ampacet’s new color production line was developed to maximize the overall customer experience by optimizing lead times and offering additional delivery flexibility. Engineered with a focus on safety, ergonomics and environmental impact, the new line features a high efficiency de-dusting system, secure elevator for raw materials, semi-automatic bagging machine and automated labeler. Energy and water systems have been designed to produce minimal environmental impact.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to reduce lead times across the board. Our goal is to deliver our products as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining unsurpassed quality,” said Marcello Bergamo, Ampacet Europe Managing Director.

“We are committed to achieving sustained growth and profitability by designing innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions,” said Mr. Bergamo. “We act with integrity by adhering to moral, ethical and professional standards. We explore new ways to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities to try out new solutions.”

“We employ environmentally safe work processes and proactive measures to protect our employees, surroundings and our communities. We continue to look for innovative ways to minimize the environmental impact of our practices and products,” he added.