Antistatic masterbatch for polystyrene sheetAmpacet, a premier global provider of masterbatch and additive materials, services and solutions, has introduced Antistatic Masterbatch 6000025-E, designed for polystyrene (PS) sheets used in dry environments.

PS thermoformed sheets, like most plastic articles, are subject to dust pick-up during storage due to the inherent static nature of polystyrene. Conventional antistatic solutions for PS sheets, trays and cups generally perform well under typical usage conditions (50% relative humidity).

When these PS products are used in very low humidity environments, however, they often lose their anstistatic properties, leading to dust pick-up and electrostatic discharge.

Ampacet’s Antistatic Masterbatch 6000025-E, specially formulated for use in polystyrene cups and thermoforming sheets, helps to eliminate dust accumulation and related aesthetic and contamination issues that may occur when PS products are stored and used in dry climatic environments.

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