A new additive from global masterbatch leader Ampacet,  AntiScratch ABS 6000047-E enhances the surface appearance of styrenic plastics by improving abrasion and scratch resistance without impacting gloss, aesthetics or mechanical properties.

While some plastics can be sensitive to scratches and marks, consumers expect long-lasting surface finishes free of defects that may impact product value. Scratch and abrasion-resistance can be improved with antiscratch masterbatch and other additive technologies that ensure long-lasting surface finishes and enhanced product quality.

AntiScratch ABS 6000047-E is a powerful additive that is added during the extrusion process. This highly effective additive smooths the surface of injection-molded parts, reducing the defects associated with abrasions, scratches and other marks. Because Ampacet AntiScratch ABS 6000047-E is non-migrating, it doesn’t affect dye stability or lead to dye bleeding.

AntiScratch ABS 6000047-E can be used in styrene-based polymers and alloys such as ABS, PC/ABS, SAN and MABS and for a wide range of end-use, heavy-duty applications including appliances, home furnishings, luggage, automotive parts and electronic devices.

For more information on AntiScratch ABS 6000047-E, email marketing.europe@ampacet.com.