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Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced Laser Mark 1001074-E and Laser Mark 1001088-E, two cost-effective solutions that enable high definition, high contrast laser marking on clear and dark surfaces using NdYAG laser systems.

Ampacet Laser Mark 1001074-E produces sharp dark markings on transparent or light colored plastic parts with an NdYAG laser and does not affect the color or transparency of the plastic part or article.  It is antimony-free and suitable for food contact applications.

Ampacet Laser Mark 1001088-E, designed for complex projects featuring different color shades, produces dark or clear markings depending on the color of the plastic item and the parameters of the laser.

Because most plastics cannot be detected by laser beams, an additive is added to enable the laser marking process. The most flexible way of marking, labelling and identifying plastic items, laser marking is indelible and resists abrasion and solvents. This technology displays several advantages compared to convention methods such as printing: the laser beam produces high definition images or labels, with the flexibility to handle items with varying geometries. Laser marking, a sustainable alternative to labels or ink printing, also helps to avoid ink contamination during the recycling process.

Laser marking is widely used for marking logos, barcodes, graphics, expiration dates and serial numbers in a number of industries, including food packaging, automotive, medical and electronics.

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