Ampacet introduces SynWrap, a synthetic tissue paper that provides superior moisture  barrier properties as well as recyclability and tear resistance when compared to  conventional products used for gift and floral wrap, packaging, deli/food wrap and a  wide range of craft applications.

SynwrapA natural extension to Paper 2.0 Synthetic Paper from Ampacet, which combines  additives and resins with multi-layer or mono-layer construction, SynWrap goes a step  further by enabling production of a one-layer tissue paper alternative that can be as thin  as 0.5 mils and can be produced with blown or cast film extrusion processes.  Not only  does it provide manufacturers with economies of scale by eliminating the need for  secondary processes such as multi-layer lamination,it offers excellent deadfold  properties. It can also replace coated papers, including wax-coated paper and PE-paper  laminates.

SynWrap also can be extruded with any color or special effect to create dazzling hues  and unique textures, or it can simply be produced in white or kraft paper colors. It can   also be combined with functional additives such as a moisture-absorbing desiccant to  absorb excess humidity in a package.

“With the increasing cost and environmental impact of paper use, SynWrap, which is   reusable and recyclable, provides the perfect alternative,” says Doug Brownfield,   Ampacet Strategic Business and Marketing Manager. “It has the visual and tactile  appeal — and even the unique sound — of tissue paper. When compared to paper,  Synwrap also delivers the added benefits of strength and moisture barrier properties, for  overall enhanced functionality. We’re excited about the tremendous possibilities of  SynWrap.”

Suggested applications include food, deli and meat wrap, bakery packaging, chewing  gum packaging, gift wrap, floral wrap, craft projects and merchandise bags.

For more information, please contact Ms. Eileen Ferguson, Ampacet Corporation,   660 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY 10591; Tel: 914.631.6600;   Email: