Process aid masterbatch

Ampacet, a premier global provider of masterbatch and additive materials, services and solutions, introduces Process Aid Masterbatch 1000400-E, designed to assist in the processing of blown films intended for outdoor use. The masterbatch outperforms the most well-known competitive process aids and market references in blown films.

Some outdoor applications, such as agricultural greenhouse and low tunnel film, silage stretch wrapping film and industrial packaging, require the combined use of Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) to allow the use of high performance resins while extending the service life of the film by enhancing light stability.

Because the use of HALS may affect the efficiency of processing aids, Ampacet Process Aid Masterbatch 1000400-E is specifically designed for optimized performance in the presence of UV light stabilizers. It demonstrates minimized interactions with various UV HALS stabilizers, with excellent results in preventing die build-up and shark skin effects.

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