1001316-N PFAS-Free PPA from Ampacet provides enhanced performance in a non fluoro-based polymer and offers benefits for customers and the planet.

Ampacet has introduced 1001316-N PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aid (PPA), an additive that performs as well as fluoro-based PPAs in blown film extrusion for multiple end-use applications.

Because of potential health hazards, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been  regulated by several states. Additional governmental restrictions are expected this year and beyond.

Designed to be used at the same or similar LDR as Ampacet’s conventional PPAs, PFAS-Free PPA is FDA food contact-compliant and comparable in cost to fluoro-based PPAs. Like fluoro-based PPAs, it eliminates melt fracture, reduces die buildup for less downtime and offers increased throughput.

Ampacet PFAS-Free PPA does not interfere with surface treatments, such as printing and lamination, and has no effect on sealing.