Liad smart colorsave® micro gravimetric feeder for micro parts

Ampacet has introduced the LIAD Smart ColorSave®– Micro, the industry-first gravimetric feeder for the fast-growing micro-molding industry segment that enables accurate dosing down to one pellet for applications in the medical, automotive and electronics industries.

The easy-to-clean feeder is ideal for medical micro molding applications requiring clean rooms as well as other applications requiring precise continuous delivery of very small quantities of additives or colors.

A fast-growing industry segment, the micro molding market is expected to reach more than $1.5 billion by 2025, with North America projected to occupy the largest share – nearly 40%, according to Grandview Research.

The patented ColorSave-Micro uses a single vibrational, protected inner channel to eliminate exterior vibration and consistently deliver an accurate dose. Whether it’s for more efficient production of small parts or to reduce material costs for extruded parts, ColorSave-Micro can accurately dispense materials with LDRs as low as 0.1% to 0.3%. Gravimetric weighing ensures consistent accuracy when compared to today’s volumetric micro feeders.

The ColorSave-Micro can be used for nearly all types of additives, including flowable, non-dusty powders or granules and micro pellets, handles low feed rates and can be easily cleaned between jobs. “The ColorSave-Micro boosts productivity dramatically. It eliminates manual mixing, makes calibration easy and turns product rejects into a thing of the past,” says Doug Brownfield, Commercial Director, CISystems. “Our customers love that they can use expensive colors and additives at the lowest possible LDR, enabling them to run at the low end of the tolerance specification to save on masterbatch costs.”

Part of the LIAD Smart family of feeders, ColorSave-Micro can be used in injection molding, extrusion and extrusion blow molding processes; and would be ideal for use in research, testing and prototyping facilities. Micro molding applications include medical, electronics, automotive and micro optics industries.

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About CISystems
CISystems Color Integration, an Ampacet business unit, was created to radically change the way manufacturers process color in their products. CISystems applies Industry 4.0 innovations based on patented technology developed by recently-acquired LIAD Weighing and Control Systems, a pioneer in plastic manufacturing technologies and the leading developer of feeders, blenders and quality control equipment.