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Ampacet has introduced HALOFREE 709, a halogen-free masterbatch that offers outstanding flame retardancy in polyethylene film at low addition rates and complies with health and environmental safety protection regulations.

Flame retardancy for plastics is designed to provide self-extinguishing characteristics, prevent plastic from dripping when coming into contact with flames, reduce the spread of flames and decreases the possibility of smoke formation. Conventional flame retardant agents containing bromine and antimony are toxic to the environment and hazardous to the health of humans and living organisms when products burn or are recycled.

Ampacet HALOFREE 709 provides excellent optics and film clarity and can be colored by using it in combination with masterbatches from Ampacet’s color portfolio.

It is rated “excellent” in flammability testing classifications including B2 (DIN4102), VTM0 (UL94) and Euroclass close equivalents. Ampacet HALOFREE 709 also complies with human health and safety protection regulations including ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements for risk optimization, environment legislation such as 94/62/EC (European Packaging and Packaging Waste directive) and ROHS; REACH and automotive norm VDA 232-101 (Global Automotive Declarable Substance List).

Ampacet HALOFREE 709 is suited for use in a broad range of flexible applications, including carpet backing, industrial packaging materials, ceiling insulation, under-roof liners for homes, railway stations and stadiums.

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