Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced REVIVE™ 962 E, a compatibilizer masterbatch that enables recycling of multi-material packaging made of polyolefin and technical polymer components into quality film applications.

While most flexible, mono-material packaging films –polyethylene and polypropylene –can easily be mechanically recycled, recycling multi-material packaging structures presents challenges. Food products, for example, may require multi-material packaging to provide gas barrier functionality that protects packaged food, extends shelf life and reduces food waste. Disturbing the polyolefin recycling stream with non-polyolefin components must be avoided when recycling multi-material packaging films in order to ensure a level of quality that allows upcycling into new packaging.

Ampacet REVIVE™ 962 E offers a sustainable solution for multi-material polyolefin barrier packaging that enables use of reclaimed material in quality film applications and provides an alternate end-of-life to landfill disposal. Ampacet REVIVE™ 962 E allows higher usage of recycled plastics and helps to reduce consumption of virgin material.

Ampacet REVIVE™ 962 E is specifically designed for in-house recycling of polyolefin EVOH-based barrier film industrial scraps back into the original film structure, when preservation of optical and mechanical properties is required. Ampacet REVIVE™ 962 E improves the homogeneity and transparency of reprocessed polymer blends. Mechanical properties of films made with these blends are similar to the main base polymer.

Circular Economy is a mandate for the plastic packaging industry in order to meet the recycling targets set by the European Commission. The European Commission mandates a minimum of 50% recycling of plastic packaging by 2025 (55% by 2030), targeting 10 million Mt of recycled plastics to be reused in the EU.

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About Ampacet R3 Sustainable Solutions

R3 refers to the global circular economy mission statement: reduce, reuse and recycle and transitioning from a regional linear take, make and waste model.  This will benefit Ampacet’s current businesses, customers and the planet without compromising the needs of future generations.  Ampacet strives to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem of plastic waste mismanagement, over-use and other types of environmental waste.