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black conductive masterbatchAmpacet, a premier global provider of masterbatch and additive materials, services and solutions, introduces the ELECO range of black conductive masterbatch solutions that are ideal for use in a broad range of manufacturing processes and applications.

Because plastics are intrinsically insulative, additives are typically used to provide antistatic or electro-dissipative features. Plastics, however, may sometimes require transformation into conductive materials for critical and sensitive applications.

Compared to conventional migratory antistatic masterbatches, ELECO masterbatch products improve on the conductivity features of plastics beyond typical antistatic and electro-dissipative properties. ELECO masterbatch properties, permanent and independent of time and environmental conditions, enable plastics to meet the demanding requirements for products used in packaging and transport of hazardous substances, including powdery or explosive materials, or for goods highly sensitive to electric discharge.

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