Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced the Waterscapes Collection which evokes the growing scarcity of clean water and other natural resources, issues that will continue to dominate news and political conversation throughout the coming decade. As the demand for clean water grows, aquatic imagery will become valued and sought-after by consumers and the respective color spaces become the new signifiers of luxury as this resource becomes increasingly scarce.

In leveraging these colors, the most ephemeral qualities of water are harnessed by using a mixture of matte and gloss surfaces on a single object, mimicking the glassy-to-foam transition courses of waves, ripples, waterfalls and melting ice. This new-to-market effect allows PET gloss levels to be achieved in HDPE.

The Waterscapes Collection includes verdant Hydrosphere Green, refreshingly cool Green Harbor and algae-driven Sea-Guard. On the blue side, we achieve serenity with Glacier Blue and appeal to a deep tranquility with Coastal Blue and Waterways.

Waterscapes is appropriate for all markets using any multi-layer HDPE packaging.


The Waterscapes Collection from global masterbatch leader Ampacet evokes the growing scarcity of clean water and other resources. Colors include Hydrosphere Green, Green Harbor, Sea-Guard, Glacier Blue, Coastal Blue and Waterways.