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Greenhouses and low tunnels are widely used in agriculture to protect plants from the negative effect of external atmospheric conditions (e.g. wind, rain, hail, temperature…) and modify climatic conditions in order to accelerate plant maturity and optimize crop yield.

A typical problem faced in greenhouses and low tunnels is linked to fogging phenomena.

Being aware of these reality, Ampacet has broadened its AGROCLEAR range and introduced its new AGROCLEAR 752 for 1 to 2 seasons greenhouses, low tunnels and early harvest crop protection films. Ampacet AGROCLEAR 752 allows, at very low addition rates (e.g. 6%), to provide outstanding and consistent antifog properties to protection films used in agriculture and horticulture fields. It maintains an excellent film transparency, avoids problems linked to fog formation (light transmission reduction and plant damages), optimizes plant growth and supports crop yield.

Ampacet has previously introduced AGROCLEAR 651 (102651), an efficient antifog masterbatch technology specially designed for critical multi-seasons low tunnels and greenhouses films providing a very long term antifogging effect.

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