Blue edge pet masterbatchAmpacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced Blue Edge 78, a masterbatch that has been specially formulated to enhance the appearance and functionality of post-consumer resins.

Developed for use in recycled PET, Ampacet Blue Edge 78 improves the look of post-consumer recycled plastics and increases bottle brightness by imparting a lighter bluish tone, for a clearer, fresher look with increased consumer appeal.

As an added benefit, Ampacet’s Blue Edge 78 has been introduced in the new mini-pellet masterbatch form for enhanced distribution and processability, lower let-down rates and decreased energy consumption. Ideal for use in water bottles, Ampacet Blue Edge 78 is also recommended for use in personal care bottles.

Offering the same benefits this masterbatch is available in a number of shades such as green, amber, fuchsia and more.

Recent European Union proposals aim to boost recycling rates to advance Europe’s circular economy. More and more products are made out of recycled materials, with retailers and manufacturers showing increased interest in post-consumer resins because of significant cost savings, carbon footprint reductions and the “greener” brand image that attracts customers.

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