June 20, 2007

Ampacet Asia is moving closer to its customers under the approach “Worldwide Network, Continent Operations, and Local Service”

The company has just opened a new office in Shanghai, China. It was one of the last major countries where Ampacet had no direct representation and it represents a logical step in the balanced growth of the company. . This office will be connected to Asia Headquarters in Thailand on real time and will provide accurate technical and delivery information to Chinese customers. A local warehouse is also being set up to better respond to local needs. The tremendous growth of the market (more than 15% per year) represents a lot of opportunities for Masterbatch. Companies who are looking for consistent high quality products for re-export will be the primary focus of Ampacet China representative office.

In India, the company has expanded its presence by opening a branch in Mumbai with 4 salespersons calling on customers. Under a very innovative structure, Ampacet Asia is the first international-concentrate company to offer local warehousing and distribution in India to BOPP, extrusion coating, lamination, and cast film producers.

“Our Indian customers are enthusiastic about this program. Ampacet helps them to “Manage the Elements of Success”: fast delivery, minimize inventory, and reduce development time. For all new products, we can also air freight up to 500 Kgs, so our customers can launch new films much faster. One major film producer told us “We have been waiting for 10 years to receive such a service. We are really delighted that Ampacet is the first one to offer this in India” “, said Christian CARNEVALI, General Manager – Asia Pacific.
Ampacet Asia has been growing rapidly from its Thailand platform. China and India are both representing the two major poles for Asia’s future. Ampacet Asia has opened a branch office 2 years ago and we have expanded