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Over 80 years of innovative growth

1937-1954: Founded as American Powder and Chemical Corporation in Brooklyn, New York. Reclaimed nylon from hosiery for military use during World War II.

1954-1985: Developed color concentrates and opened new plants.

1985-2000: Global expansion with new operations in Europe, South America and Asia and expanded operations in North America.

2000-2015: Established new facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Poland, Argentina, Russia, China, India, Luxembourg, Australia and New Zealand.

2015-2018: As we grew to become a global solution provider, sales exceeded one billion dollars.

2018 and beyond: Our vision is to enhance our role as a global leader in our industry, expand our efforts in all phases of our business for increased sustainability and work with the rest of our industry to promote the benefits of plastics in our lives.