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TEST – BlendSave® Multi-ingredient Batch Blender

Fully integrated Industry 4.0 batch blending system for resins, compounds, PCR, regrind and additives.

BlendSave is a centralized, multi-ingredient gravimetric batch blender that automates the blending of multiple ingredient recipes in a single system that feeds multiple molding lines. BlendSave uses up to 14 individual weighing chambers and can serve up to 50 processing machines with a potential throughput of 6 tons per hour. Optimal management of multiple ingredients with BlendSave helps producers reduce labor, save space and cut capital equipment costs.

Look for the LIAD Smart label to ensure the highest quality accuracy.

For a more detailed discussion about how BlendSave reinvents plastic resin blending, view the white paper, watch the video below, download product literature, or contact Ampacet.

BlendSave® Patents:
–     IL230499
–    JP6505128B2
–    US10293317B2