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Organic Cavitating Masterbatch For Premium-quality White-opaque BOPP Film

BOPP Pearl masterbatchPEARL 368 is a high-performance organic cavitating masterbatch designed for premium-quality labels and white-opaque BOPP packaging. PEARL 368 is ideal for packers and labelers who want to optimize the surface/weight ratio (yield) of BOPP film  while providing outstanding film aesthetics and excellent film opacity. It also offers consistent cavitating efficiency across the web width, especially on large BOPP tenter frames.

The cavitation technology can be based on either mineral cavitating agents, such as calcium carbonate, or on organic cavitating agents.  Compared to mineral cavitation technology, PEARL 368 offers superior whiteness and gloss for better shelf appeal as well as lower film density, while better preserving the mechanical properties of the film for optimized performance.  Producers who use PEARL 368 are able to reduce organic cavitation agents by up to 25% while maintaining the same film density, compared to conventional organic cavitating masterbatches.

For more information about PEARL 368, its applications and complete regulatory status, please complete the product inquiry form or contact Ampacet or your local Ampacet representative.