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Zing Mini Discs is taking the sport of mini disc golf to the next level of fun with a colorful new injection-molded mini disc lineup that allows golfers to have their own unique discs, thanks to FusionFx, a new random color-infused masterbatch line from Ampacet.

An offshoot of frisbee or disc golf, which gained popularity in the 70s with Ed Headrick, dubbed “The Father of Disc Golf,” mini disc golf has the size advantage. The small discs, at about 4 inches in diameter, require a much smaller course, two to three acres for 9 holes, compared with the 40-50 acres required for a regular disc golf course. Players follow rules similar to golf; instead of holes, the discs are thrown into wire baskets. The typical hole length ranges from 150 to 700 feet, with different discs often used for drivers, mid-range play and putting.

The Zing Mini product lineup, which ranges in size from 3.75 to 4.5 inches in diameter, consists of the Aerofoil, the largest disc with a throw distance of more than 300 feet and the smaller Snipe, which features smooth flight, a long glide and a throw distance of more than 250 feet. Other Zing Mini discs include the Microfoil, which is popular for indoor use, as a course marker and as a promotional item and the Cozmo, a mid-range and putter disc which he calls “the competitor killer.” All discs are approved under Professional Disc Golf Association and Mini Disc Golf Federation regulations and are made for competition play.

Zing Mini’s latest innovation is use of Ampacet’s Carnival, a masterbatch product from the company’s newly-launched FusionFx line that infuses random color with the look of brightly-colored confetti into his injection-molded discs. “Each disc is different and the color disperses randomly in a swirl pattern so that no two are alike. Our disc golfers are crazy about colors and they love having their own unique discs.” Batches might include multi-colored flecks within a clear or solid-colored disc. The company is also adding FusionFx Carnival colors to black discs. With the new random effects, the initial inventory quickly sold out online and through social media.

Disc golf enthusiasts aside, the company also produces custom minis that can be hot-stamped with names and logos for use in promotions or as wedding favors.  Zing Mini is innovating further with 2.5-inch discs that enthusiasts can use as tags for disc bags or as promotional items. Expansions are also planned to include sporting goods and pet items.

The FusionFx line is also available in three additional palettes: Cork, for the look of calming, yet powerful and imperishable natural wood elements; Camouflage, with its breathtaking nature-mimicking effects and GeoClassics, which takes cues from the rugged and bold look of granite, concrete and quartz to give even a lightweight plastic product the visual weight of stone.

Each of the four FusionFx palettes has six standard variations.  The FusionFx palette offerings utilize several colors from the 14 color product line. The full product line includes ROYGBIV color spaces, along with special effects, making customization options virtually limitless.

About Zing Mini

Based in Fishers, Indiana, Zing Mini is headed by Craig Myers, a plastics engineer for more than 25 years. Myers previously held positions with major players in the automotive, medical and consumer products industries. For more information on Zing Mini Discs, visit

For information about the FusionFx line from Ampacet, with four color palettes for a wide range of applications contact Ms. Eileen Ferguson, Ampacet Corporation, 660 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY 10591; Tel: 914.631.6600; Email: