We are all in contact with millions of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and mold during our daily life. Some of them are beneficial to the well-being of the host organism. Others are harmful and even dangerous.

Ampacet’s GERMSCLEAN 684 is a highly effective antimicrobial additive Masterbatch solution for plastic articles.

Designed for Film and Molding applications, Ampacet GERMSCLEAN 684 is a silver-based additive technology. It offers  long-lasting protection against proliferation of a wide variety of harmful microorganisms by blocking growth of bacteria and slowing down fungi multiplication, preventing the formation of harmful biological layers. This additive is highly efficient even at low let down ratio. It doesn’t affect the appearance or physical properties of the end product thanks to the low concentration of silver.

Ampacet GERMSCLEAN 684 provides a safer environment avoiding food poisoning and protecting human beings from harmful bacteria and consequent possible diseases.

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