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Ampacet introduces GOLD 100, BLUE 090 and SURFPROTEC range of premium quality color masterbatches with outstanding level of pigment dispersion.

Ampacet SURFPROTEC is a high quality range of color masterbatches showing very low defect counts and excellent pigment dispersion providing outstanding quality film for use in premium surface protective applications. Ampacet SURFPROTEC range allows an excellent protection of the products’ surfaces against external shocks and scratches occurring during production, transport and handling. Ampacet SURFPROTEC Masterbatches can be used in protective film applications for various industries such as household appliances, automotive, electronics, construction, furniture and others.

Ampacet GOLD 100 & BLUE 090 are two stunning color masterbatches for BOPP, cast PP and thermoformed PP sheet applications, designed to revive the look of the everyday plastic products and to bring color in the daily life of consumers. These transparent/translucent colors have outstanding level of pigment dispersion for premium quality end products.

Ampacet GOLD 100 & BLUE 090 demonstrate following advantages over conventional flood-printed films:

  • More ecological coloring solution:
    • Avoid the use of solvent when printing with solvent-based inks
    • No need for applying any primer on the printable substrate
  • Allow to skip the step of ink preparation
  • No problems related to scratches or damages of the printed ink surface
  • No issues with the film slip properties, often influenced by the use of inks
  • No more worries about the level of humidity that has a negative impact on the ink quality and adhesion performance
  • A whole process simplification to obtain full colored articles
  • Allow to recover margins at the film or sheet manufacturing stage

Ampacet GOLD 100 & BLUE 090 can be used for wrapping films (sweets, gifts, flowers), food packaging (ex: fish & salmon trays, pouches…), thermoformed trays (cookies and chocolate), merchandise packaging, disposable crockery, scotch tape, etc…

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